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What is City of Heroes?

City of Heroes (CoH) is an MMORPG from NCsoft in which players take the role of super-powered heroes in the villain-infested Paragon City. Read the official "About The Game" introduction for more info, or try out the 14-Day Free Trial.

City of Heroes breaks the mold of the traditional MMORPG in many ways, setting it apart from most other MMORPGs.
  • Characters and costumes/clothing are extensively customizable right from character creation, with no reliance on items to create the character appearance you want.
  • Most powers are "heroic" right from level 1. Powers continue to scale up with the character as you level, allowing you to select entirely new abilities, rather than requiring you to take progressively higher-level versions of the same powers.
  • Players immediately face a variety of villainous enemies including street gangs, robots, alien hybrids, and more. No fighting rats and bats for your first five levels.

What is the CoH Codex? Looking for CoH movie-making & demo info?

The CoH Codex is intended to serve primarily as a resource for information on CoH demo files, demo editing, and CoH movie-making. For more information, use the navigation tabs on the left, or follow the links below.

Updates & Comments

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Supporting The CoH Codex

I recently had some people (two!) ask about making donations to support the CoH Codex and have given the issue some thought. Since I'm hosting this on my included ISP web space, it doesn't cost me anything extra, other than whatever time and effort I put into it; and that's something I do for the love of the game, my own enjoyment, and to encourage the movie making that other people do using this information. Still, I certainly don't mind anyone showing their appreciation, so if you would like to show your support, here's what I'd ask you do -- Consider making a donation to one of the following two charities. Child's Play does accept donations year round, and is one that I figure pretty much all gamers can get behind, and JREF is one of my personal favorites. If there's an option for comments, feel free to say you're donating on behalf of the CoH Codex (not that they'll know what your talking about, but hey...):